About Oil-seal-stocks

We bring all the stocks of oil-seals in the world together on this website. Your supplier can tell you; we have to make them but first check this website there is a big chance they are some were in stock for you !

If you still don't find your oil-seal here, tell us what oil-seal you are looking for, we can ship non existing oil-seals with in 7 days! Check our page Oil-seal -Xpress!

Oil-seal-stocks is an inovation of Techniparts in the Netherlands - Europe. We have 15 year experience in oil-seals. We work together with all the factories and wholsalers in the world.
- We have a  minimum order charge of Euro € 100,00 
- We only ship on your TNT, UPS, Fed-ex or .... account
- We ship all over the world !

Techniparts BV  ( Oil-seal-stocks.com)
Newtonweg 111
8013 RH Zwolle - The Netherlands - Europe