Oil Seal W10

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Oil Seal WCL GVP DL KC-PP OS-W10 - 312x412x11 80063 312 412 11 Yes No € 505,- Details
Oil Seal 90 x 110 x 12 - NBR - Nitrile-  Black - OS-W10 - OSS76546 76546 Oil Seal 90 110 12 NBR – Nitrile Yes No Black € 37,48 Details
Oil Seal 295 x 335 x 16 - NBR - Nitrile-  Black - OS-W10 - OSS76544 76544 Oil Seal 295 335 16 NBR – Nitrile Yes No Black € 504,44 Details
Oil Seal 212,74 x 264,6 x 15,87 - NBR - Nitrile-  Black - OS-W10 - OSS73968 73968 Oil Seal 212.74 264.6 15.87 NBR – Nitrile Yes No Black € On request Details
Oil Seal 580 x 630 x 22 - NBR - Nitrile-  Black - OS-W10 - OSS73827 73827 Oil Seal 580 630 22 NBR – Nitrile Yes No Black € On request Details
Oil Seal 640 x 690 x 22 - FPM - VITON-  Black - OS-W10 - OSS71929 71929 Oil Seal 640 690 22 FPM - VITON Yes No Black € On request Details
Oil Seal 540 x 590 x 22 - FPM - VITON-  Black - OS-W10 - OSS71909 71909 Oil Seal 540 590 22 FPM - VITON Yes No Black € On request Details

Oil Seal W10

- Pressure-loadable Oil Seal W10 , with a metal outer jacket, supported by an elastomeric sealing lip

- the sealing lip is clamped between the housing plates


 What are the special features?

- loadable by pressure

- The production is independent

- The inner diameter is from 45 millimeters.

- The outer diameter is from 65 millimeters.

- Inside and outside diameter up to 1200 mm possible

- There are no extra costs if you choose a special size or tolerance

- The housing has a very firm and exact seat through press fit

- Be careful with light metals in the combination with housings


what are the application examples?

- big machines

- general machine building



Standard materials

Sealing lip, NBR

Housing, unalloyed steel 

Spring, analloyed steel


Special materials

Sealing lip, FKM, Silicone, EPDM

Housing, Rust and acid resistant steel AISI 316L

Spring, Rust and acid resistant steel AISI 316L


Application parameters

The information below is for the standard material combination.

Temperature, -40 tot +100 

Pressure, max 0.05 Mpa

Shaft speed, Max 12 m/s

Mineral oil based lubricants, synthetic lubricants.

When using synthetic lubricants, for which no experience figures are available yet, it is very important to demonstrate compatibility during laboratory tests or during practical test runs.

The different permitted maximum values should always be seen in connection with al the application parameters. The total load on the seal is the combination of individu.


Design information


Tolerance, ISO H11

Hardness, 45 HRC


-Ra= 0,2 - 0,8 μm

-Rz= 1,5 μm

-Rmax= 6,3 μm

Surface finish, free of orientation


Housing bore

Tolerance, ISO H8


Ra= 0,8 - 3,2 μm 

Rz= 6,3 - 16 μm 

Rmax= ≤ 16 μm


If you want more information, or do you have any questions, feel free to contact us.




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