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Oil-seal AOSW110 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N100 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW38 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N31 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW47 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N40 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW60 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW81.5 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N70 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW90 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N80 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW38 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N29 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW42.86 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N31.75 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW43 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW63 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N55 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW74.67 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N63.50 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW14 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N8 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW100 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N90 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW80 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N46.2 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW80 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N55 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW58 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW10 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N6 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW85.5 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N72 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW20 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW27 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N19 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW119.14 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N104.77 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW20 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW21 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW29 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N21 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW47 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N37 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW49.23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N41.28 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW60 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW72 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N60 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW24 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N17 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW26 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N20 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW21 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW39.69 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25.40 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW37 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW47.5 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N37 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW20 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW23 mmEPDM15 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N17 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N20 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW42 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW42 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N32 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW63 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N55 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N20 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW36 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW71 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N45 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW12 mmFPM-FKM-VITON6 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW15 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N8 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW36.53 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28.58 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW52 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N39 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW15 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N6 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW52 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N40 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW105 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N90 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW52 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N42 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW25 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N19 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N24 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW41 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW21 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW24 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW26 mmFPM-FKM-VITON19 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW38 mmPA29 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW52 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N45 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW16 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N9 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW25 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW33 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW46.02 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N38.10 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW60.5 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW90.5 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N76 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW25 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N17 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N22 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW35 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW42 mmFPM-FKM-VITON34 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW53 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N43 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW75 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N63 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW19 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW25.40 mmFPM-FKM-VITON15.88 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW33 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW40 mmFPM-FKM-VITON31 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N26 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW45 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N32 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW80 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N65 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW15 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW20 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW24 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N18 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW65 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N55 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N9 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW14 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW31 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N24 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW47 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW15 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N7 mm56 icon
Oil-seal A-WA18 mmFPM-FKM-VITON10 mmRoest- en zuurbestendig Verenstaal 1.4301 conform DIN EN 10270-155 icon
Oil-seal AOSW17 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW37 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW48 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N38 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW70.5 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N58 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW19 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW26.98 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N19.05 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW8 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N4 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW15 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N6 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW26 mmFPM-FKM-VITON14 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW55 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N45 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW16 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N8 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW95 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N80 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW42 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW16 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW37 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N29 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW80 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N46.2 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW30 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N22 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW100 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N75 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW19 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N13 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW40 mmFPM-FKM-VITON22 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW50 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N40 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW16.20 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N9.80 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW35 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N32 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW85 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N70 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW21 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW34 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N26 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N32 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW12 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N8 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW18 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW38 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW15 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N8 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW20.64 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15.88 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW62 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW13 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N9 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW30 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N20 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW78 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N70 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW52.5 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N42 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW10 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N6 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW17 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW65 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N53 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW45 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW39.70 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N31.75 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW18 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW58 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N46 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N17 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW14 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N22 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW79.38 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N63.50 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW26 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N18 mm50 icon

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