Oil seal with a ribbed elastomer outer jacket, without the support of the sealing lip by a coil spring

Standard material 
NBR 70
Color: Green
Reinforcement ring: Sheet steel according to DIN EN 10139

Secondary seal, for example, a seal against dust, dirt, or splash water with electric motors and as a seal against grease.

Good chemical resistance to various mineral oils and fats.

Operating parameters 
Temperature:                   -40 °C to + 100 °C
Pressure:                            Pressureless
Rotation speed:               max. 6 m / s

Suitable auxiliary tools must be used for assembly. It is advisable to shape the installation space in such a way that the oil seal in the housing is axially supported.

Other dimensions and other types such as for example dust lip, ridges on the sealing lip, other steel quality of the reinforcement ring can be manufactured as well as all possible special types. With non-standard dimensions, minimum order quantities may be required.

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Oil-seal AOSW110 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N100 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW38 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N31 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW47 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N40 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW60 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW81.5 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N70 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW90 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N80 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW38 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N29 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW42.86 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N31.75 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW43 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW63 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N55 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW74.67 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N63.50 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW14 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N8 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW100 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N90 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW80 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N46.2 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW80 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N55 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW58 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW10 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N6 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW85.5 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N72 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW20 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW27 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N19 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW119.14 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N104.77 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW20 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW21 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW29 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N21 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW47 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N37 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW49.23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N41.28 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW60 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW72 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N60 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW24 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N17 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW26 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N20 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW21 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW39.69 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25.40 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW37 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW47.5 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N37 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW20 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW23 mmEPDM15 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N17 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N20 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW42 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW42 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N32 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW63 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N55 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N20 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW36 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW71 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N45 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW12 mmFPM-FKM-VITON6 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW15 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N8 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW36.53 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28.58 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW52 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N39 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW15 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N6 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW52 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N40 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW105 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N90 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW52 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N42 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW25 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N19 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N24 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW41 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW21 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW24 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW26 mmFPM-FKM-VITON19 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW38 mmPA29 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW52 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N45 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW16 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N9 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW25 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW33 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW46.02 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N38.10 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW60.5 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW90.5 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N76 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW25 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N17 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N22 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW35 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW42 mmFPM-FKM-VITON34 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW53 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N43 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW75 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N63 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW19 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW25.40 mmFPM-FKM-VITON15.88 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW33 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW40 mmFPM-FKM-VITON31 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N26 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW45 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N32 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW80 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N65 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW15 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW20 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW24 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N18 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW65 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N55 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N9 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW14 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW31 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N24 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW47 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW15 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N7 mm56 icon
Oil-seal A-WA18 mmFPM-FKM-VITON10 mmRoest- en zuurbestendig Verenstaal 1.4301 conform DIN EN 10270-152 icon
Oil-seal AOSW17 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW37 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW48 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N38 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW70.5 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N58 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW19 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW26.98 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N19.05 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW8 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N4 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW15 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N6 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW26 mmFPM-FKM-VITON14 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW55 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N45 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW16 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N8 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW95 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N80 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW42 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW16 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW37 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N29 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW80 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N46.2 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW30 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N22 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW100 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N75 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW19 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N13 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW40 mmFPM-FKM-VITON22 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW50 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N40 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW16.20 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N9.80 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW35 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N32 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW85 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N70 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW21 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW34 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N26 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N32 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW12 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N8 mm52 icon
Oil-seal AOSW18 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW38 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW15 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N8 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW20.64 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15.88 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW62 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm53 icon
Oil-seal AOSW13 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N9 mm55 icon
Oil-seal AOSW30 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N20 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW78 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N70 mm54 icon
Oil-seal AOSW52.5 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N42 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm60 icon
Oil-seal AOSW10 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N6 mm56 icon
Oil-seal AOSW17 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW65 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N53 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW45 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW39.70 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N31.75 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW18 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm58 icon
Oil-seal AOSW58 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N46 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N17 mm59 icon
Oil-seal AOSW14 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10 mm50 icon
Oil-seal AOSW28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N22 mm57 icon
Oil-seal AOSW79.38 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N63.50 mm51 icon
Oil-seal AOSW26 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N18 mm51 icon

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