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ProductDimensionsMaterialHardness (Shore A)CertificationStock
Oil-seal BO122.22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N107.95 mm60 icon
Oil-seal BO19 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO25.40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15.88 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO20.7 mmPA17 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO26 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N20 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO29 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N17 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N22 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO39 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO42 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO58 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N38 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO54 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N44.7 mm60 icon
Oil-seal BO10 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N5 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO62 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N55 mm60 icon
Oil-seal BO67 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N60 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO80 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N70 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO114.33 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N101.60 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO18 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO16 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO135 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N115 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO145 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N130 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO37 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO19.05 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12.70 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14.5 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N19 mm60 icon
Oil-seal BO31 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO35 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO36 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO52 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N42 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO9 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N5 mm60 icon
Oil-seal BO61 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N54 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO70 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N60 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO85 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N70 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO110 mmPA97 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO17 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO21 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO26 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N19 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO38 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm60 icon
Oil-seal BO23.5 mmFPM-FKM-VITON15 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO30 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N21 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO32 mmFPM-FKM-VITON26.5 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO41 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N34 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO53 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N43 mm60 icon
Oil-seal BO82 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N55 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO85 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N60 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO15 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N8 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N20 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N27 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO35 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO42 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO54 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N45 mm60 icon
Oil-seal BO62 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO14 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N7 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO105 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N90 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO21 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO25 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO30 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N22 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO35 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO45 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO48 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N40 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO58 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N46 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO63 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N55 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO80 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N60 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO90 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N80 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO115.96 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N101.60 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO21.41 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12.70 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO26 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO23.5 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N17 mm60 icon
Oil-seal BO32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N24 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO17.86 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N11.91 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO155 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N130 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO20 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N26 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO37 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO45 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO69 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N57 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO88 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N65 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO16 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N9.5 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO139.70 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N114.30 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO24 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO24 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N23 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO39.7 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28.5 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO340 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N320 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO50 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N38 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO80 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO75 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N63 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO25.40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N11.11 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO20 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO24 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO30 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N24 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO35 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28.56 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO41 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO48 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N40 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO58 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N49 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO10 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N6 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO85 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N70 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO100 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N75 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO45 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO45 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N37.5 mm60 icon
Oil-seal BO58 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N51 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO11 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N7 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO15 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO17.53 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12.70 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO22.23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15.88 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO26 mmEPDM20 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO45 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N32 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO55 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO13 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N6 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO95 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N80 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO33 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO48 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N38 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO55 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N46 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO12 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N6 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO95 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N80 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO18 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO24 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N20 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO37 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO42 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO21.23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N11.11 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO20.64 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14.28 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO26 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N18 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO35 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO52 mmFPM-FKM-VITON42 mm60 icon
Oil-seal BO80 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO86 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N71 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO21.23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N11.91 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO21 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N20 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO35 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28.56 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO50 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO65 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N45 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO13 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N6 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO125 mmFPM-FKM-VITON98 mm60 icon
Oil-seal BO110 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N100 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO26 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N18 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO46.4 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28.5 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO42 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N36 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO78 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N60 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO20.83 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12.70 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO38 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO42 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO55 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N45 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO75 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N60 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO15.83 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N11.11 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO20.64 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15.88 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO41 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N32 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO50 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N45 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO22.23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12.70 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO25 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N17 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO37 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N29.5 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO67 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N55 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO100 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N85 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO33 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO60 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO95 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N78 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO140 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N110 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO19 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO48 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO95 mmNBR9080 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO19 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N13 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO32 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N22 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO40 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N33 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO62 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO19 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N9 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO14 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO170 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N155 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO38 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO54 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N40 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO77 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N65 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO16 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO200 mmFPM-FKM-VITON170 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO42 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N32 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO62 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO17.47 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12.70 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO28 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N23 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO8 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N4 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO75 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N60 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO144.48 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N130.18 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO34 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N27 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO52 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N45 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO18 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO35 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO55 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N40 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO16 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N8 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO26 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO47 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N35 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO75 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N65 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO22.23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N11.91 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO45 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N25 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO55 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N48 mm60 icon
Oil-seal BO22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO43 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N38 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO20.64 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N14.28 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO38 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N32 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO140 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N125 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO37 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N31 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO12 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N8 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO17.46 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N11.11 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO34 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO80 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N65 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO114.30 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N101.60 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO37 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N30 mm59 icon
Oil-seal BO8 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N3 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO18 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO47 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N40 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO39 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N33 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO36 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N29 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO37 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N28 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO31.75 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15.88 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO90 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N55 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO50 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N38 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO22 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N16 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BOS33.05 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N19.05 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO50 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N40 mm51 icon
Oil-seal BO35 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N20 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO21.89 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N10.26 mm55 icon
Oil-seal BO26 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N20 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO70 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N55 mm57 icon
Oil-seal BO21 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N17 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO22.23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N12.70 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO60 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N45 mm54 icon
Oil-seal BO28.54 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N15.88 mm50 icon
Oil-seal BO158.75 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N133.35 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO23 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N17 mm52 icon
Oil-seal BO50 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N40 mm56 icon
Oil-seal BO52 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N45 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO58 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm58 icon
Oil-seal BO60 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm60 icon
Oil-seal BO63 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N50 mm53 icon
Oil-seal BO65 mmNBR-NITRIL-BUNA-N58 mm58 icon

Oil seals are rotary seals. They are used for sealing rotating or swiveling machine parts, mainly on shafts. The application areas of the oil seal are diverse and are located at all levels of machine and equipment construction.

Applications for oil seals
These shaft seals are used in the construction of engines, industrial drives, geared motors, electric motors, combustion engines, pumps, drive systems, agricultural machines, construction machines, household appliances, washing machines (for household and industry), dishwashers, large machines, rolling machines and shipbuilding and wind power stations, etc.

Oil seal materials
These rotary seals are available in various materials, such as NBR, FKM, VMQ, ACM, EPDM, HNBR, etc.
Oil seal BO has no spring and no dust lip. The oil seal is made of steel.

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