Axial Seals

The AS-10 and AS-11 are axial seals consisting of two parts, a metal ring with a protective layer and a vulcanized elastomeric sealing insert. The metal ring has the function of protecting the elastomer seal against damage and serves as a clamp and support for the elastomer seal. In addition, the metal ring functions as a pendulum disc. The elastomer seal is not attached to the metal ring, but is stretched on the metal ring and is held next to it by the axial edge. With the AS-11, the metal ring on the outer jacket is extended in the direction of the shaft. In combination with the revolving groove on the axial tread, an additional labyrinth seal is formed.

 What are the Standard materials?

Elastomeric sealing element: NBR en FKM.

Metal ring: deep drawn, with a protective layer of steel. Galvanized also availible in stainless steel.

Where can i use it for?

often the axial seals are used in combination with the oil seals. They are used as a protective seal. To ensure that it stops dirt, dust, grease and splash water.


-mechanical engineering

-electric motors

-Drive technology


-Agricultural machinery

-Washing machines


the axial seals are fixed on the shaft and it must be mounted perfectly at a certain distance between the metal tread. All this to ensure a defined axial preload of the elastomeric sealing element. When rotated, the sealing lip rubs axially against the metal tread with a pressing force resulting from the selected preload. This achieves the correct closing function. The total axial pressing force arises from the preload in the installation space, the geometry of the sealing lip, the elastic and tension properties of the elastomer. The metal ring ensures that the axial seals have a centrifugal effect, this supports the correct sealing function. In this way, it protects the seal against dust, dirt and splash water, for example. 


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