About us

About us

A company owned by Techniparts.

Oil-Seal-Stocks.com is a comapny owned by TechniParts. A small flexible company located in Wezep, Netherlands with a young, but specialistic team who always want to help the customer the best they can! We are active since 2008 in the Oil Seals and Sealing Industry, but our experience goes back to 1997. Because of this expereince from over 25 years we can help you finding the right sealing solution for any application. Whatever challange you face, we are happy to assist! 

O-Rings location

On our website we offer 55.000 different Seals. However it can happen sometimes that you can't find the right sizes in combination with the material and type you are looking for. This is no problem at all for us! 

But, it's not just Oil Seal we have. We are also able to provide lots of services to help our customers to really help our customers to find a solution.

Our Team

Frank_Muntz Frank Muntz - Owner                                                                   Foto_Danny Danny Witvoet - Manager E-Commerce & Marketing                                   

Foto_Jaco Jaco Zwiggelaar - Sales & Logistic manager                              Foto_Constance Constance Muntz - Sales & Logistics                                  

Foto_Jarony Jarony Zwijns - Sales & Logistics                                                    Lorenz van 't Hul - Sales & Logistics              
Foto_Damian Damian de Bruin - E-commerce & Sales                  


Another company owned by Techniparts is O-ring-Stocks.eu. here you can find lots of different O-rings and information about them.