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Garlock® Seals

Garlock® Seals: Premium Quality for Reliable Sealing Solutions

Garlock Seals are renowned in the industry for their exceptional performance and reliability. With a wide range of oil seals available in various sizes and designs, Garlock offers comprehensive solutions for sealing applications. A key specialty of Garlock is their expertise in manufacturing gylon oil seals, which provide superior sealing performance in demanding environments.

Gylon: High-Performance Sealing Material

Gylon is a high-performance PTFE material used in Garlock seals. These seals offer an excellent seal with minimal leakage and enhanced uptime. Even in highly challenging chemical and corrosive environments, gylon seals provide reliable and secure sealing.

Features and Benefits of Garlock Seals

Garlock Seals offer a range of features and benefits that make them a preferred choice in many industries:

  1. Resistance to High Pressure and Extreme Vacuum: Garlock seals are designed to withstand high pressure and extreme vacuum conditions, ensuring reliable sealing performance in demanding applications.

  2. High-Speed Suitability: These seals are suitable for high-speed operations, allowing for efficient sealing even in applications with rapid shaft rotation.

  3. Wide Temperature Range: Garlock seals exhibit impressive temperature resistance, withstanding temperatures from -90°C to +260°C. This enables their use in a wide range of operating conditions.

  4. Excellent Chemical Resistance: The seals are highly resistant to a variety of chemicals, making them suitable for applications involving corrosive substances.

  5. Food and Pharmaceutical Applications: Garlock seals are FDA compliant, making them ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical industries where stringent hygiene and safety standards must be met.

  6. Dry-Running Ability: The seals demonstrate good dry-running capability, ensuring reliable performance even in applications with limited or no lubrication.

  7. Maximum Pressure Capacity: Garlock seals can handle pressures of up to 25 bar, providing robust sealing solutions for high-pressure environments.

  8. SIP/CIP Compatibility: The seals hold an EN 1935/2004 certificate, making them compatible with SIP (Sterilization in Place) and CIP (Cleaning in Place) processes commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Versatility and Material Options

Garlock seals come in various configurations to meet specific application requirements. The standard Garlock seal consists of a stainless steel housing, a gylon sealing lip, and a static sealing element made of FKM. Additionally, non-standard seals are available in standard sizes with different configurations of sealing lips and lip sealing materials.

Garlock offers material options to suit different applications:

  • Gylon Black: This is the standard gylon material suitable for various sealing applications.
  • Gylon White: Designed specifically for food and pharmaceutical industries, providing compliance with hygiene standards.
  • Gylon Blue: Ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications, excelling in dry-running conditions and compensating for shaft irregularities.
  • MS (Molybdenum Sulphide): Suitable for applications involving abrasive media.
  • F (Econol): Specifically developed for food and pharmaceutical industries, offering excellent dry-running capabilities and ensuring gas tightness, especially at high speeds.

Trust Garlock Seals for Reliable Sealing Solutions

Garlock Seals have established themselves as a premium brand, delivering exceptional sealing performance and reliability. With their wide range of options, including gylon seals and various material choices, Garlock provides solutions for diverse industries and applications. Choose Garlock Seals for reliable, high-quality sealing solutions that meet your specific requirements.


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