Top 5 frequently asked questions:


1. What if I ordered the wrong o-rings?

2. Is returning free?

3. Can I track my order?

4. What is the delivery time of my order? And how much delivery costs do I pay?

5. What other delivery options do I have?

6. How do the payments work?

7. With which payment methods can I pay?


Can I track my order?
With every order, you'll receive a track & trace code so you'll always be informed on the whereabouts of your package. This code can be found on your e-mail and on your account. Click here for more information.


What is the delivery time of my order? And how much delivery costs do I pay?
We ship our O-rings worldwide. There are different delivery times and delivery costs per country. Our main Shipping courier is GLS. Click here for the shipping information for every country.


What other delivery options do I have?
When GLS does not offer the best services for your location or if you prefer to use your own shipping account, then please contact us for the possibilities. It is also possible to pick up the o-rings from our office. If you wish to do so, please contact us by calling (+31 38 460 1232) or e-mailing info@eur-o-rings.com. We also offer Express delivery and courier services to provide you with same day delivery for O-rings, in case your whole installation is pending on the O-rings. Additional costs will apply. Ask us how we can be of assistance in your sealing and logistic challenge. Click here for more information.

Is returning free?
You can return a product from us within 30 days. The shipping cost for your returning products are unfortunately not free. Click here for more information.


What if I ordered the wrong o-rings?
If you want to exchange the wrong o-rings you can send these o-rings back to the address as stated below. For the new and correct o-rings you'll have to place a new order. This is because we want to avoid delays. When you place a new order you can see the current stock status, which results in you always knowing the actual stock before you order the o-rings. If you just want to return your o-rings without ordering new ones you can send an e-mail to info@eur-o-rings.com stating you want to return the products. Because of this, we will know what to do when the o-rings arrive back at our warehouse. Click here for more information.


How do the payments work?

Payments all go through an SSL connection. This way we can assure you a safe and secure payment process. Eur-O-Rings.com and or Techniparts B.V. will NEVER have access to your payment details. We will never ask for your credit card details. Click here for more information.


With which payment methods can I pay?

You can pay with payment methods such as ideal, pay pal, visa and more.

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