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V-Rings: Versatile Rotary Seals for Effective Shaft Sealing

Our extensive range of V-rings offers a wide selection of options, including various types, materials, and dimensions, to meet your specific sealing needs.

Applications of V-Rings V-rings are highly versatile rotary seals that serve multiple purposes in sealing rotating shafts:

  1. Dirt, Dust, and Water Protection: V-rings act as effective seals, preventing the ingress of dirt, dust, and water into the system, thereby maintaining the integrity of the shaft and its components.

  2. External Contamination Prevention: V-rings provide an additional layer of protection to radial shaft seals, guarding against external contaminants and ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

  3. Grease Leakage Prevention: V-rings seal against the leakage of grease, ensuring that lubrication remains contained within the system, minimizing the risk of friction, wear, and potential damage.

Advantages of V-Rings

  • Versatile Application: V-rings offer a wide range of application possibilities, making them suitable for diverse industries and sealing requirements.

  • Minimal Machining Requirements: V-rings do not demand high levels of precision in shaft and housing machining, simplifying installation and reducing costs.

  • Low Friction: These rotary seals exhibit low friction characteristics, minimizing energy loss and optimizing operational efficiency.

  • High Circumferential Speeds: V-rings can withstand high circumferential speeds, ensuring reliable sealing performance in dynamic applications.

  • Insensitivity to Coaxiality and Eccentricity: V-rings accommodate variations in shaft alignment, making them tolerant to coaxiality and eccentricity issues.

  • Long Lifespan: With their robust construction and quality materials, V-rings offer a long service life, providing durability and reliability.

  • Easy Assembly: V-rings are designed for easy installation, saving time and effort during the sealing process.

Different V-Ring Models

  1. V-Ring A10: The most commonly used standard construction with a straight sealing back.

  2. V-Ring S10: Similar to the A10 design, but with an additional conically extended retaining part for enhanced shaft seating.

  3. V-Ring L10: Compact profile geometry suitable for installations with limited space.

  4. V-Ring E10: Features an extended sealing lip, designed for heavier-duty applications.

Structure and Operation During assembly, V-rings are expanded and slid into the desired position on the shaft. Their inherent tension enables them to adhere to the shaft's surface. As the shaft rotates, the V-rings rotate with it, sealing axially against a vertical counter surface.

The counter surface can be formed by various elements, such as the housing itself, a housing cover, a pressed plate, the front of a roller bearing outer ring, or the metal stiffening ring of a radial seal.

When the shaft is stationary, the sealing lip applies initial pressing pressure against the counter surface. As the shaft starts rotating, the centrifugal force acting on the pressing pressure increases with higher circumferential speeds. At approximately 15 to 20 m/s, the lip begins to lift, reducing the pressing pressure to zero. Friction losses increase almost linearly with higher circumferential speeds up to around 10 m/s. The sealing effect relies on the contact between the dust lip and the counter surface, as well as the swinging effect generated by the rotation.

Choose V-Rings for Effective Shaft Sealing With their versatility, easy installation, and reliable sealing performance, V-rings are an excellent choice for various industries and applications. Whether you need protection against contaminants, grease leakage prevention, or robust sealing performance at high speeds, our V-rings deliver optimal sealing solutions. Trust in their durability, longevity, and effectiveness to ensure the integrity and efficiency of your rotating shaft systems.


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