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We at Oil-Seal-Stock offer you a wide range of Oil Seals. For example, we have combined Oil-Seals with a dust lip, cassette seals, a seal with a spring, high-pressure oil-seals and these specifications.

Wir von Oil-Seal-Stock bieten Ihnen ein breites Sortiment an Wellendichtungen. Wir haben Wellendichtung mit Staublippe, Kassettendichtungen, Wellendichtung mit Feder, Hochdruckwellendichtung und diese Spezifikationen kombiniert.

Chez Oil-Seal-Stock, nous vous proposons une large gamme de joints radiaux. Par exemple, nous avons combiné des joints radiaux avec une lèvre anti-poussière, des joints à cassette, des joints radiaux avec un ressort, des joints radiaux haute pression et ces spécifications.

Noi di Oil-Seal-Stock ti offriamo una vasta gamma di Guarnizioni Radiali. Ad esempio, abbiamo abbinato Guarnizioni Radiali con un labbro parapolvere, guarnizioni a cassetta, Guarnizioni Radiali con una molla, Guarnizioni Radiali ad alta pressione e anche queste specifiche.

En Oil-Seal-Stock ponemos a su disposición una amplia gama de Sellos Radiales. Por ejemplo, hemos combinado Sellos Radiales con guardapolvo, sellos de cassette, Sellos Radiales con resorte, Sellos Radiales de alta presión y estas especificaciones.


Oil-Seals are often used in the construction of engines, industrial drives, gearmotors, electric motors, combustion engines, pumps, drive systems, agricultural machinery, construction machinery and many more applications.


Our Oil-seals can be described in three different types. For example, we have a type with an elastomer outer jacket, which guarantees a very good static seal. In addition, we have a seal with a metal outer jacket, which ensures that there is an accurate fit in the housing. Finally, we have installed a type with an additional metal ring for reinforcement, which is more suitable as an oil seal in difficult mounting conditions and rough conditions.


Our oil-seals are available in different materials. We have seals in FKM, NBR, VMQ, HNBR and much more. We have Garlock PS-Seals that have to function under special circumstances. These seals can be used, for example, in the food industry and pharmacy. Find more information about our Garlock PS-Seals here.


Oil-Seals have many different names. Oil-Seals are also called Simmerings or Radial Shaftseals. The names of different types of seals can also differ at different factories, in the end the only thing that is different is the name of that type of seal. All our seals have the names of each factory that produces this type in the description.

If you would like more information about Oil-Seals or if you do not know which Seal you should have, please feel free to contact us.

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