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Domsel Oil Seals

Domsel Oil Seals: Reliable Sealing Solutions for Moving Machine Parts

Domsel Oil Seals are essential sealing elements used in various applications to ensure the effective operation of moving machine parts. These seals offer several advantages that make them a preferred choice in the industry.

Efficient Heat Management and Pressure Range

One of the key advantages of Domsel Seals is their ability to generate significantly less release heat compared to traditional shaft seals. With a design featuring a metal support ring and a relatively short sealing lip, Domsel Seals can operate within a pressure range of 5 to 10 bar. The innovative design allows for a more flexible sealing lip, eliminating the need for additional reinforcement or support, resulting in improved sealing performance.

Versatile Sealing Performance

Domsel Seals excel in providing a reliable seal even in the presence of real running errors such as static and dynamic eccentricity. The sealing lip effortlessly closes without leaving any gaps on the surface of the machine part, ensuring an effective seal. While precision turned shafts may experience marks from the sealing lip, there is no risk of scratches or damage.

Material and Temperature Resistance

Domsel Seals are available in various materials to suit different applications. The sealing lip is commonly made of mineral oil rubber materials like NBR and FKM, ensuring excellent resistance to mineral oils, greases, washing liquids, water, and even seawater. The housing of the seal is typically constructed using steel or stainless steel for durability and longevity. These seals can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to +100 °C, making them suitable for a wide range of operating conditions.

Different Types for Diverse Applications

Domsel Oil Seals are available in different types, each designed to cater to specific sealing requirements:

Type A: The sealing lip faces the mounting direction and is ideal for standard, trouble-free sealing points.

Type B: The sealing lip faces away from the mounting direction, suitable for standard sealing points with no complications.

Type AB: The sealing lips face the mounting direction and are designed for sealing compressed air and gases, making it a heavy-duty seal with low lubrication requirements.

Type AC: The sealing lips face both the mounting direction and away from it, providing effective separation between two different media.

Type BC: The sealing lip faces away from the mounting direction, offering excellent separation between two media.

Choose Domsel Oil Seals for Reliable Sealing Solutions

Domsel Oil Seals offer exceptional sealing performance, heat management, and versatility across various applications. With their robust construction, temperature resistance, and different types to suit specific sealing needs, these seals provide reliable and long-lasting solutions for ensuring the efficient operation of moving machine parts. Trust in Domsel Oil Seals to enhance the performance and reliability of your machinery.


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