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Garlock PS-Seals

Garlock PS-Seals: Reliable Shaft Seals for Demanding Applications

Garlock PS-Seals are highly regarded as reliable shaft seals designed specifically for rotating shafts operating in demanding conditions. These seals are engineered to withstand high circumferential speeds, high pressure, abrasive and aggressive media, as well as extreme temperatures. Unlike standard oil seals with elastomer sealing lips, PS-Seals are specifically designed to excel in these challenging environments.

PS-Seals are versatile and find application in a wide range of industries and equipment. They are not only used as primary shaft seals but also serve as effective replacements for mechanical seals and braided packaging. The key to their exceptional performance lies in the use of advanced materials, such as Gylon and modified PTFE, in the sealing lip construction. Garlock, with its expertise and specially developed processes, manufactures Gylon, a high-performance PTFE material known for its superior sealing properties.

The PS-Seals are available in various material options to suit specific application requirements. The standard PS-Seal features a stainless steel housing, a sealing lip made of black Gylon, and a static sealing element made of FKM. Other materials include Gylon White, suitable for pharmaceutical and food applications, and Gylon Blue, which is particularly effective for low shaft roundness and dry running conditions. The F (Econol) variant is ideal for high-speed applications where gas tightness and dry running capability are crucial. Additionally, there are options like MS (Molybdenum Sulphide) and KF (Carbon Fiber) that offer excellent performance in abrasive media and dry running conditions.

Garlock PS-Seals offer numerous advantages and features. They exhibit exceptional temperature resistance, ranging from -90°C to +260°C, ensuring reliable sealing performance across a wide temperature range. These seals are also resistant to vacuum and high pressure, making them suitable for demanding applications. Their ability to function effectively in heavy-duty environments ensures reliable performance and extended service life. PS-Seals exhibit excellent chemical resistance, safeguarding against corrosive substances and harsh chemicals. Moreover, they comply with FDA regulations, making them suitable for use in food and pharmaceutical applications.

In summary, Garlock PS-Seals are renowned for their reliability and durability in challenging operating conditions. With a wide range of material options, including the high-performance Gylon, these seals provide effective sealing solutions for various industries. Their temperature resistance, vacuum and high-pressure resistance, and excellent chemical resistance make them a trusted choice for demanding applications. Whether used as standard seals or customized for specific requirements, Garlock PS-Seals deliver optimal performance, ensuring secure and efficient sealing for rotating shafts.

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