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End Cap CS-12

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25720 End Cap 22 4 NBR - Nitrile Steel Black 936  
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25719 End Cap 72 9 NBR - Nitrile Steel Black 1230   € 2,83 Details
25718 End Cap 37 7 NBR - Nitrile Steel Black 56   € 1,96 Details

End Cap CS-12: Secure Closure and Reliable Sealing Solution

The End Cap CS-12 is a highly effective sealing solution that provides secure closure for bores, bearings, and shaft feedthroughs. These caps are specifically designed as valves made of steel with vulcanized rubber on the outside, ensuring optimal sealing performance and durability. They serve as end seals for shaft passages in motor gearboxes, bridges, and gearboxes, among other applications.

The versatility of the CS-12 End Cap makes it suitable for various purposes, including transmissions, bearing block sealing, split housings, light metal housings, and sealing of thin flowing or gaseous media. With its reliable sealing capabilities, the CS-12 ensures that bores and passages are effectively sealed, preventing leaks and contamination.

Proper installation is crucial to ensure the functional performance of the CS-12 End Cap. The preferred method of mounting is by using a hydraulic or mechanical press-in device, which applies the necessary pressure to press the end cap into the housing bore. The press-in device engages extensively on the exterior of the end cap, ensuring a tight and secure fit. To minimize any rebound or misalignment, the press-in device should be held in the final position for a specific period of time. The design of the mounting hole should adhere to the guidelines outlined in DIN 3760 for radial shaft seal rings, and the bore diameter d2 must comply with the ISO tolerance zone H8 as per DIN ISO 286.

The CS-12 End Cap offers several advantages that contribute to its effectiveness and reliability. Firstly, it exclusively utilizes highly resistant materials such as NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) and FKM (Fluorocarbon Rubber). These materials exhibit excellent resistance to various substances and ensure long-lasting performance. Additionally, the CS-12 has a wide temperature range, allowing it to maintain its sealing capabilities in diverse operating conditions.

The secure closure provided by the CS-12 End Cap ensures that bores and passages are effectively sealed, preventing leaks and ingress of contaminants. The stiffening ring made of unalloyed steel in accordance with DIN EN 10139 adds structural support and enhances the durability of the end cap. The CS-12 is available in three different design formats, including an elastomer outer casing, half-shoulder design, or an elastomer grooved outer casing, offering flexibility to meet specific application requirements. Furthermore, special profiles can be custom-made for the end caps, ensuring a precise fit and optimal sealing performance.

In summary, the CS-12 End Cap is a reliable sealing solution that provides secure closure and effective sealing for bores, bearings, and shaft feedthroughs. Its utilization of highly resistant materials, wide temperature range, and customizable design options make it an ideal choice for various applications. Whether it's sealing transmissions, bearing blocks, split housings, or light metal housings, the CS-12 ensures reliable performance and protects against leaks and contamination. Trust in the CS-12 End Cap for secure closure and superior sealing performance in your applications.

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