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Our standard Oil Seals are made from oil and grease resistant NBR rubber, also called Perbunan. The materials from Oil Seals have good running properties and a high standard of wear resistance. We have a big range of other rubber materials available for higher shaft speeds and large radial tolerances. Our oil-seals have a good chemical resistance. Other materials are optional upon request. Oil-Seal-stocks has a very large range with the best quality products.

*Please note: we deliver high quality Oil Seals, however our oil seals are not suitable for the automotive industry. When used in Automotive, we cannot take responsibility.

Garlock Seals

In addition to oil seals, we also have specialized Garlock seals. These Garlock seals are made of high quality PTFE. In addition, Garlocks also has seals made of gylon, a material that makes Garlock special as a brand. Garlock seals are resistant to high pressure and extreme vacuum and are extremely suitable for high speeds.


We also have a wide range of V-rings. We have V-rings in different types. In addition, our V-rings are available in different materials and dimensions. V-rings are sealing rings that have a V shape. The sealing rings are used when sealing rotating shafts. The advantages of V-rings is that V-rings have versatile application possibilities and a long service life.

Domsel Oil Seals

Also interesting are our Domsel Oil Seals. Domsel seals are seals that are used for moving machine parts. A Domsel Seal generates 50 to 60 percent less release heat compared to traditional shaft seals. We have Domsel Seals in different types, each of which has its own advantages.

End Caps

In addition, we also offer End Caps. An End Cap ensures a secure closure of bores, bearings and shaft entries. The end cap is used as an end seal for the shaft passage in, for example, motor gearboxes, bridges or gearboxes.

Axial Seals

We also offer Axial Seals. An Axial Seal is a two part seal consisting of a metal ring with a
protective coating and a vulcanized elastomer sealing insert. Axial seals are often used in
combination with Oil-Seals. The Axial Seal is then used as a protective seal that stops dirt, dust, grease and splash water.

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