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Oil Seal G10

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Product Product Id Type Rotation Spring Dust lip Inside Diameter Outer Diameter Height Dimensions Material Housing Material Material Spring Color Stock Price
76555 Oil Seal Yes No 65 105 10 65 x 105 x 10 NBR - Nitrile Black 5   € 41,12 Details
76167 Oil Seal Yes No 60 80 12 60 x 80 x 12 NBR - Nitrile Black 163   € 3,79 Details
74367 Oil Seal Yes No 12 20 5.5 12 x 20 x 5,5 NBR - Nitrile Black 105   € 2,14 Details
73993 Oil Seal Yes No 20 35 6 20 x 35 x 6 FPM - VITON Steel SS-304 Brown 0  
Details Quote
71918 Oil Seal R-DRAL Yes No 135 170 15 135 x 170 x 15 FPM - VITON Brown 171  
Details Quote

Oil Seal G10: Reliable Sealing Solution for Diverse Applications

Experience Sealing Excellence with the Cutting-Edge Oil Seal G10

Introducing the Oil Seal G10, a true testament to sealing excellence that redefines reliability across various applications. This high-quality sealing component combines innovation and precision to ensure unmatched sealing performance.

Elevate Your Sealing Game:

Unlock the power of innovation with the Oil Seal G10. Boasting a ribbed elastomer outer jacket and a robust metal reinforcing ring, this seal stands as a beacon of efficiency. The spring-loaded sealing lip further cements its reputation as a high-performing sealing solution.

Sealing Redefined:

The Oil Seal G10 introduces a modern sealing lip design that operates with dynamic precision. Embrace unparalleled sealing action, as this design effortlessly thwarts leaks and secures a steadfast seal even in the face of dynamic operational challenges. When the equipment stands still, rest assured that the Oil Seal G10's static sealing prowess remains unwavering.

Crafted for Excellence:

The Oil Seal G10 adapts seamlessly to housings with high thermal expansion, making light metals its playground. It shines equally in shared housings and those with elevated surface roughness. Witness it tackle both liquid and gaseous media, showcasing its versatility in various applications. Designed to resist fretting rust, the Oil Seal G10 guarantees endurance and reliability over time.

Applications Across Industries:

Discover the boundless potential of the Oil Seal G10 across industries. Embrace its sealing capabilities in machine and equipment building, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, drive technology, industrial gears, and electric motors. Wherever precision sealing is essential, the Oil Seal G10 thrives.

Masterful Material Composition:

Delve into the craftsmanship of the Oil Seal G10. Standard materials include elastomer NBR 70 Black, spring steel adhering to DIN EN 10270-1, and sheet steel following DIN EN 10139. Yet, the journey doesn't end there—options like elastomer FKM, silicone, ACM, HNBR, CR, and EPDM are on hand to tailor the seal to your specific needs. Rust and acid-resistant steel (1.4301) fortify the spring and reinforcement ring, ensuring longevity and resistance against corrosive elements.

Precision in Performance:

The Oil Seal G10 takes on challenges with confidence. It thrives within temperatures ranging from -40°C to +100°C, handles unpressurized conditions with ease, and works harmoniously with mineral oil-based lubricants and synthetic alternatives. When charting uncharted synthetic lubricant territories, validate compatibility through laboratory or field tests. Strive to maintain the operating temperature below 80°C for optimum results.

Engineering Excellence in Design:

Welcome to a world of design precision. ISO H11 tolerance for the shaft guarantees a snug fit, with a minimum hardness of 45 HRC amplifying strength and endurance. Witness the magic of Ra = 0.2 - 0.8 μm and Rz = 10-20 μm as they orchestrate sealing perfection. The housing, too, is catered for, with ISO H8 tolerance and roughness parameters of Ra = 1.6 - 6.3 μm and Rz = 10-20 μm (with an RMax ≤ 25 μm) ensuring flawless sealing functionality.

A Journey Begins:

Embrace the journey of installation, guided by our comprehensive installation instructions.

Elevate Your Sealing Solutions:

In essence, the Oil Seal G10 redefines sealing excellence, setting the benchmark for sealing solutions. Its features, applications, material versatility, operating parameters, and design precision converge to deliver unparalleled sealing prowess. Choose the Oil Seal G10 to embark on a sealing journey that surpasses expectations and ensures unwavering sealing performance in diverse operational landscapes.


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