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Oil Seal Q13

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Oil Seal Q13: Reliable and Versatile Fabric-Reinforced Seal

The Oil Seal Q13 is a robust and reliable sealing solution designed to withstand high dynamic sealing actions. With its fabric-reinforced outer diameter and spring-loaded elastomer sealing lip, it offers exceptional performance in various applications. The seal also features radial and annular lubricating grooves at the bottom side, allowing for relubrication when two seals are installed back-to-back.

One of the key special features of the Oil Seal Q13 is its modern sealing lip design, which ensures effective dynamic sealing even in demanding conditions. The fabric-reinforced outer diameter adds robustness and durability to the seal, making it highly resistant to wear. It is specifically intended for use in housings with increased surface roughness, providing reliable sealing even on rough surfaces.

Installation and replacement of the Oil Seal Q13 are straightforward, and the seal can be easily replaced without removing the shaft. This split design feature saves time and effort during maintenance or repairs. Additionally, all components of the seal are corrosion-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance even in corrosive environments.

The Oil Seal Q13 finds application in various industries, including heavy machinery, marine applications, rolling mills, wind power systems, and large gearboxes. Its reliability and durability make it suitable for demanding environments where effective sealing is crucial for optimal equipment performance.

The standard material combination for the Oil Seal Q13 includes an elastomer sealing lip made of NBR 80, an adhesive part composed of NBR impregnated cotton fabric, and a spring made of rust and acid-resistant steel 1.4310. These materials offer excellent resistance to wear, corrosion, and environmental factors, ensuring reliable sealing performance.

Special materials such as FKM 80 for the sealing lip and FKM impregnated cotton fabric for the adhesive part are available upon request, catering to specific application requirements.

Operating parameters for the Oil Seal Q13 include a temperature range of -30°C to +100°C, allowing it to function effectively across a wide temperature spectrum. It can handle a maximum unpressurized pressure of 0.05 MPa and a circumferential speed of up to 20 m/s. The individual maximum values must be considered in conjunction with all operating parameters to ensure optimal performance.

In terms of design information, the shaft tolerance is ISO H9, guaranteeing a precise fit and secure sealing. The minimum hardness of 60 HRC ensures the seal's durability and resistance to wear. The surface roughness ranges from Ra = 0.2-0.8 μm, with a maximum roughness (Rmax) of ≤ 2.5 μm, contributing to efficient sealing performance. For the housing, the tolerance is ISO H8, and the roughness ranges from Ra = 1.6-4 μm, with an Rmax of ≤ 15 μm, ensuring a secure and reliable seal.

During installation, the Oil Seal Q13 is mounted in an axial accessibility installation space. It has a slight excess in both outer diameter and height, ensuring a snug fit and effective sealing. The outer diameter may need a slight bump during assembly to achieve the desired fit.

In summary, the Oil Seal Q13 is a reliable and versatile sealing solution with a fabric-reinforced design. Its modern sealing lip, fabric reinforcement, and corrosion-resistant components make it suitable for various applications. Whether in heavy machinery, marine environments, or wind power systems, the Oil Seal Q13 provides excellent sealing performance, durability, and resistance to wear. Choose the Oil Seal Q13 for reliable and long-lasting sealing solutions in demanding industrial applications.


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