Garlock PS-Seals

PS-Seals are known as reliable shaft seals for rotating shafts that have to function at high circumferential speed, high pressure, abrasive and aggressive media and extreme temperatures. In these circumstances the 'standard' oil seal usually does not function, because the sealing lips are made of elastomers. PS-Seals are used for various applications, but can also be used as replacements for mechanical seals and braided packaging. These seals work with a sealing lip of Gylon or other modified PTFE's. Garlock produces Gylon in a specially developed process.


The PS-Seals are available in different materials:


Gylon is a high-performance oil seal PTFE material. These seals give you a good seal that gives little leakage and more uptime. Even in the most challenging chemical and corrosive environments, a gylon seal gives you security.


Advantages and features of PS-Seals

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