What is a Hirschmann Oil Seal?

What is a Hirschmann Oil Seal?

An Hirschmann Oil Seal do not seal radially on the shaft, but are installed on the shaft or in a bearing seat and and provide their sealing effect on any hardened and ground. For this reason there is no shaft wear. Hardenerd and ground shaft colors or ends, as well as counter-rotating washers or the unstamped faces of antifriction bearings, are especially well suited as the mating surface. The sealing lip is of tapered in order to keep heatup, wear and friction to a minimum. Its sturdy configuration ensures proper contact. The packing ring and the radial spring acting against the rear of the sealing lip ensure uniform, vibration-free pressure. 

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What are the different applications?

- Motor and gear manufacturing

- Agricultural machinery

- Machine tools

- Track construction machines

- Construction machines

- Medical technology


Protection against corrosion

in the standard models, the reinforcement ring is of phosphorated deep drawn sheet and the radial spring from size 111 or 211 upward of bright-drawn spring strip steel. Seal sizes from 100 to 110 and 200 til 210 are equiped with radial springs of stainless spring strip steel as standard. From size 111 or 211 upward

What are the materials?

Materials are selected on the basis of their chemical and thermal stability relative to the medium to the sealed. In most applications, Perbunan seals are employed. Care should also be taken to determine whether the anti-corrosive properties of the metallic components are sufficient. 


What are the characteristics?

- minimum friction and heat-up

- Less space required

- Easy installation

- High heat and chemical resistance

- High rubbing speed

- Long life 


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