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Garlock Klozure® Seals

Garlock Klozure® Seals: Reliable Sealing Solutions for Maximum Uptime

When it comes to critical uptime, Garlock Klozure-Seals are the seals you can trust. Designed to withstand high-performance heavy-duty applications, these seals offer exceptional durability and reliability. Whether it's small or large machines, Garlock Klozure-Seals can handle tough operating conditions. With a proven track record spanning over 60 years, these seals have been successfully used in industries such as pulp and paper, aluminum, and steel. The extensive range of Garlock Klozure seals provides tailored solutions for customer-specific applications, including new systems, alternative options, and upgrades to existing installations.

Metal-Free Designs for Versatile Applications

Models 23, 26, 151, and 154 in the Garlock Klozure lineup feature a metal-free housing. These models are specifically designed for applications where the use of seals with a metal housing is not feasible due to structural, assembly-related, or medium-specific reasons. Available in both split and non-split versions, these seals have a simple yet effective design that has proven successful across various industrial sectors worldwide.

MILL-RIGHT Materials for Superior Performance

At the core of every Klozure seal, you'll find MILL-RIGHT materials. Each MILL-RIGHT material is meticulously developed to provide the highest level of abrasion resistance, low friction, and exceptional chemical and temperature resistance. Garlock Klozure seals are available in three main material options:

  1. NBR (Black): NBR seals offer reliable sealing performance in a wide range of applications, providing excellent resistance to abrasion and compatibility with various fluids.

  2. HNBR (Dark Blue): HNBR seals excel in demanding conditions, delivering superior resistance to heat, oil, and chemicals, making them suitable for applications requiring high-performance sealing.

  3. FKM (Green): FKM seals are known for their outstanding resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and aggressive media. These seals provide reliable sealing even in the most challenging environments.

Prolonging Seal Life

It's important to note that all radial lip seals made with MILL-RIGHT materials are contact seals, meaning the elastomer of the seal comes into contact with the rotating equipment. As a result, the elastomer will wear over time. While wear is inevitable, the goal is to delay the wear of the elastomer for as long as possible, maximizing the seal's service life.

Choose Garlock Klozure-Seals for Reliable Sealing Performance

Garlock Klozure-Seals are the preferred choice for sealing solutions that prioritize uptime and reliability. With their metal-free designs, versatile applications, and specially formulated MILL-RIGHT materials, these seals deliver exceptional performance in demanding environments. Trust Garlock Klozure-Seals to provide reliable sealing solutions that ensure maximum uptime and minimize downtime in your operations.


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