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Product Product Id Type Inside Diameter Material Color Stock Price
26057 V-Ring 199 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 174   € 11,45 Details
26056 V-Ring 190 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 653   € 9,73 Details
26055 V-Ring 180 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 466   € 9,34 Details
26054 V-Ring 170 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 319   € 8,69 Details
26053 V-Ring 160 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 1387   € 7,73 Details
26052 V-Ring 150 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 557   € 7,17 Details
26051 V-Ring 140 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 410   € 6,30 Details
26050 V-Ring 130 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 2987   € 5,32 Details
26049 V-Ring 120 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 101   € 4,44 Details
26048 V-Ring 110 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 1341   € 4,09 Details
26047 V-Ring 100 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 2389   € 4,98 Details
26046 V-Ring 95 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 2058   € 4,52 Details
26045 V-Ring 90 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 912   € 4,42 Details
26044 V-Ring 85 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 867   € 4,32 Details
26043 V-Ring 80 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 3603   € 4,19 Details
26042 V-Ring 75 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 2130   € 3,47 Details
26041 V-Ring 70 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 4059   € 3,34 Details
26040 V-Ring 65 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 5239   € 2,98 Details
26039 V-Ring 60 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 3452   € 2,69 Details
26038 V-Ring 55 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 7379   € 2,53 Details
26037 V-Ring 50 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 10550   € 2,21 Details
26036 V-Ring 45 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 7850   € 2,14 Details
26035 V-Ring 40 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 12236   € 1,81 Details
26034 V-Ring 38 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 1894   € 1,70 Details
26033 V-Ring 35 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 5520   € 1,58 Details
26032 V-Ring 32 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 13307   € 1,53 Details
26031 V-Ring 30 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 12781   € 1,41 Details
26030 V-Ring 28 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 1319   € 1,31 Details
26029 V-Ring 25 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 280   € 1,23 Details
26028 V-Ring 22 mm NBR - Nitrile Black 1274   € 1,14 Details

V-Ring S10: Enhanced Secure Seating for Optimal Shaft Sealing

The V-Ring S10 is a specialized rotary seal designed to provide enhanced secure seating on the shaft, ensuring optimal shaft sealing performance. Like other V-Ring models, it performs a variety of tasks in sealing rotating shafts, including keeping out dirt, dust, water, and other contaminants. It effectively protects radial shaft seals against external contamination and seals against leaking grease.

The advantages of the V-Ring S10 are similar to those of other V-Ring models. It offers versatile application possibilities, making it suitable for various industries and machinery types. The V-Ring S10 does not require high demands on the machining of shafts and housings, allowing for compatibility with a wide range of equipment. Its low friction characteristics contribute to energy efficiency and smooth operation, while its ability to withstand high circumferential speeds ensures reliable sealing performance in demanding operating conditions. The V-Ring S10 is also insensitive to coaxiality and eccentricity, providing effective sealing even in less-than-ideal alignment situations. With a long lifespan, the V-Ring S10 offers durable sealing performance, reducing maintenance and replacement needs. Furthermore, it is easy to assemble, simplifying the installation process.

The V-Ring S10 features the same lip design as the standard construction V-Ring A10, with an additional conically extended retaining part. This design enhancement provides a more secure seat on the shaft, ensuring enhanced sealing effectiveness. It helps to maintain the proper positioning of the V-Ring on the shaft during operation, minimizing the risk of misalignment or displacement.

V-Rings, including the S10 model, are expanded during assembly and slid to the intended position on the shaft. They adhere to the surface of the shaft due to their inherent tension. V-Rings rotate with the axis and seal in the axial direction against a vertical counter surface.

The versatility of V-Rings allows the counter face to be formed by various components, such as the housing itself, a housing cover, a pressed plate, the front of a roller bearing outer ring, or the metal stiffening ring of a radial seal.

When the shaft is stationary, the sealing lip of the V-Ring S10 rests against the counter surface with an initial pressing pressure. As the shaft starts to rotate, the centrifugal force acts on the pressing pressure with increasing circumferential speed. At a specific circumferential speed, typically around 15 to 20 m/s, the lip starts to lift, reducing the pressing pressure to zero. Friction losses increase almost linearly with increasing circumferential speed, up to approximately 10 m/s. The sealing effect is achieved through the contact between the dust lip and the counter surface and further enhanced by the swinging effect caused by rotation.

In summary, the V-Ring S10 is a specialized rotary seal designed with an additional conically extended retaining part for enhanced secure seating on the shaft. Its purpose is to provide optimal shaft sealing, preventing the ingress of contaminants and leakage of grease. With its design enhancement, the V-Ring S10 ensures reliable and effective sealing performance, even in demanding operating conditions. Choose the V-Ring S10 for superior shaft sealing solutions with enhanced secure seating.

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