What is a Corteco Oil Seal?

What is a Corteco Oil Seal?

Corteco is part of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. The oil seals of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies persuade with their durability and high efficiency. They are primarily used in pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. Their task is to seal the retracting and extending cylinder rod, thereby preventing the pressurised operating medium from escaping from the cylinder while protecting the cylinder from impurities. An Corteco oil seal is available for every type of cylinder and application.


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Where can I buy a oil seal from Corteco?

Oil-Seal-Stocks has a wide range of oil seals from Corteco. We have a specialized sales team who are happy to help you to provide you with the perfect oil seal from Corteco or an equivalent seal. View all our Corteco oil seals (or all matching types) here!


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