What is a James Walker Oil Seal?

What is a James Walker Oil Seal?

James Walker has all the focus on differentiation through high-performance products and systems that leverage their advanced materials technology and engineering capabilities. The oil seals are made out of high end materials that they carefully choosen and tested well. While some of their competitors can match our facilities, and there are very few of them, none can match their people, their expertise, knowledge and experience. It is these people who create the added value where your company is looking for with the James Walker oil seals. The James Walker oil seal is made out of high quality materials and knowledge as has already been said.

It goes from the virtuosity of the printing press operators, to the manual inspection of the latest automatic inspection machines or the verification skills of electronic verification, we have the same philosophy at every point of the production process - "Zero Defects". When designing and manufacturing custom components for critical applications, nothing but perfection is acceptable because we know the business, environmental and potential human costs of downtime are too high. 

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How James Walker choose their materials?

Considering to the proposed physical environment, performance and life expectancy requirements, and initial component design, our materials scientists are able to test a range of most suitable materials to make the best selection. When required, the team has the expertise and in-house capability to adjust formulations or ultimately formulate new compounds to optimize material selection. Our materials science, engineering and production processes are constantly evolving, and our customers will be the first to know when developments in any of these areas improve product performance.

James Walker develops Walkersele D8 – a new rotary lip seal for marine  propulsion systems - ScienceDirect

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