What is a JM Clipper Oil Seal?

What is a JM Clipper Oil Seal?

JM Clipper seals are made from a Kevlar reinforced heel, JM Clipper Seals can be used as a solid or a split seal. With inch and metric shaft sizes we can provide from stock a seal for almost any size ranging from below one inch to well over 40 inches. Nitrile, Viton materials are available and many lip designs for your specific sealing environments. JM Clipper is part of the brand Parker. An JM Clipper oil seal is available as ab oil seal with elastomer tab and with metal fastener in bulk to meet operating conditions, environment and performance requirements.

JM Clipper oil seals are available in different designs with different lip and house styles. JM Clipperhas decades of experience in oil seal design. Their experience allows them to create over 100 different standard designs and even design custom solutions, so they can recommend or develop the right seal for your needs.

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Which oil seal types does JM Clipper have?

JM Clipper has different types of oil seals. You can also have the oil seals custom made. The oil seals are available in different combinations:

- With single or double lip. To stop lubrication such as oil and grease.

- With a spring or without a spring. To counter problems with wobble, lubrication retention, run-out or misalignment.

- With dust lip or without dust lip. To prevent dirt from the outside.

- Metal housing in single, double and cassette style. With different design options for different installations.

- Hydrodynamic groove patterns on the contact lip surface for lubrication management.

What are the applications?

Clipper Oil Seals are used in a wide range of industries including light industral, mining, paper, steel, food processing, marine, aerospace and petrochemical.

Applications equipment includes:

- Pumps                                                  - Runout tables

- Motors                                                 - Paper Rolls

- Gearboxes                                           - Work Rolls

- Crushers                                              - Mixers

- Fans                                                    - Compressors

- Pillow Blocks                                      - Overhead Cranes

-  Drag Lines                                         - Hoists

- Elevators                                            - Mine cart wheels

- Flywheels                                          - Idler Wheels

Where can I buy a oil seal from JM Clipper?

Oil-Seal-Stocks has a wide range of oil seals equivalent to JM Clipper. We have a specialized sales team who are happy to help you to provide you with the perfect oil seal from JM Clipper or an equivalent seal. View all our JM Clipper oil seals (or all matching types) here!!


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