What is a KOK Oil Seal?

What is a KOK Oil Seal?

An KOK oil seal is availible in different materials and types. Therefore, in order to make the oil seal play its role, it is necessary to understand its service conditions, and then choose the most suitable oil seal. KOK understands the importance of quality oil seals. That's why we invest millions of dollars not only in high-precision, automated production machinery, but also in state-of-the-art testing equipment to test specific oil seal functions. KOK is able to test every seal in the production line using our in-house developed automatic oil seal equipment which fully automates the post vulcanization process including 100% inspection of every seal.

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How KOK choose the right material?

In order to develop a well-functioning seal, the quality of the material is a very important factor. The most suitable rubber compounds, metals and springs must be selected and each of these components cannot be overlooked. Compounds are mixtures of elastomers and other ingredients (in either a cured or uncured state) that make up useful rubber-like materials. Compounders build gasket materials from one or more polymers, adding reinforcing, curing or vulcanizing agents, plasticizers, accelerators, retarders, antioxidants, antiozonants or antifree radicals. This is one of KOK's core competitiveness. 


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