What is a VR Oil Seal?

What is a VR Oil Seal?

An VR oil seal is a high quality oil seal from the brand VR Dichtungen. VR Dichtungen has oil seals with a metal and a rubber outside.

Where can I find a oil seal from VR?

VR is a German company that supplies their products to companies that operate in almost all industrial sectors. VR generally only sells to other companies, such as us. The oil seals can therefore often be found at other companies. Many oil seals can be found on the internet.




The radial shaft seals VR Dichtungen are rotating shaft against a housing. VR Radial shaft seals have especially been developed to withstand high peripheral velocities and high pressure loads. 

What is an Oil Seal VR?

The operating principle of this springless VR radial shaft seal is due to the fact that rubber elastic diaphragm bodies with a precisely tuned pretension are stretched over supporting elements made of stainless steel or other metals. The oblique sealing lip, which adjoins the diaphgram body, is set outwards or inwards depending on the assembly situation and pressure direction of the medium to be sealed.

The sealing mechanism result from the radially and tangentially pretensioned diaphragm body. A spring effect to the diaphragm body to the sealing lip is produced. A radial and a tangential force of the sealing lip act against the resulting shear stresses in case of rotating
axes. Vibrations and possible static and dynamic and concentricity deviations are absorbed directly in the sealing lip area. A partial lifting of the sealing lip at a rotating shaft and the associated pump effect is low in this seal ring construction. 

Extensive comparative measurements have shown that the VR Lip Seal requires only 1/3 to 1/4 of the radial force with the same sealing performance compared to the normal spring-supported sealing element. Thus positively influencing the energy efficient requirements for modern products. 

Thus, it becomes possibe to allow this type of seal to run on unhardened and stainless steel shafts without destroying scoring or grooves.  Even after more than a thousand running hours, only a polishing track produced by the sealing lip is visible on the shaft.

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